Friday, June 3, 2011

This is weather?

Well I guess! This past week the temp has ranged from near 90F to this morning's low of 40F, with wind, rain, and thunder, and I actually had to go out and water the tomatoes a few nights ago. I almost went out and covered the garden last night, but decided to go ahead and take a chance. No frost, but the cold does slow the tomatoes and peppers a bit.

I've got three dozen tomato plants (mostly Roma for canning and sauce), two dozen assorted peppers -- sweet, hot, hotter, hottest, and Masochist's Delights, plus cukes, peas (up about 8 inches) , strawberries, asparacus, garlic, and some posies. More of those, plus the usual suspects left to plant. Wasn't going to do beets this year, as I got a good crop last year and canned a whole bunch, but I forgot to do the pickled beets. Not a good lapse there -- we love those things, so I'll plant them again.

There are lots of little green sweet cherries on the trees, and if I can save them from the birds, we might have a pie or two.

Speaking of the birds, had lots of  finches, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, wrens, etc, until last week's storm. Now very few. A big crow has been stopping once in a while, but the little guys are scarce. Hummingbirds are back, and they'll fly right up close to me, but the rest are noticeably absent.

No bees either, and that's still scary. 

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  1. YUM!! Your garden sounds delicious.

    You sound a bit like me in regard tot eh bees last Summer. I think I saw about 3 of them.

    However, I've noticed a different kind of bee around lately. Very fast moving, doesn't stop for long. Next time I see one and have a camera in my hand I'll click a picture for you.