Friday, June 17, 2011

Ain't technology wonderful!

Sitting here in the Kia dealer's shop, waiting for some service on my Sedona, and still bemoaning the loss of my coffee-soaked Kindle. I've had it sitting in rice (took the back off it first) but I think it's DOA. Bummer! Was in the middle of several books too -- currently reading a collection of Flannery O'connor short stories, as well as Midsummer Night's Dream, editing my new book, and reviewing a copy of a new book written by my son-in-law'a pastor. Now all I need is a new Kindle!

So I had to bring my laptop with me (they have a hotspot here) and might as well catch up on some writing while I wait. I've been tweaking the web page my son-in-law Aaron set up for me at, and it's looking good! Thanks, Aaron! Now looking at setting up an RSS feed on it. Looks fairly straightforward to do with Joomla -- that's what he used to set up the page, and they make it look easy to include some other bells and whistles too. I'm increasingly impressed with Joomla as a webpage builder!

Also working on Mattie's Place Two -- How Bump Really Got His Nickname! So far that's the working title, and folks who read the first one will draw the connection with little effort.

I wish I had started all this a long time ago! I still don't have a sense of time being short, but feel driven to write, to complete a few projects I've started and not finished. The extra $$ from my part time job at the supermarket do help, but the work, as much as I enjoy it, really cuts into my writing time! Not sure how much longer that will last.

Garden is going well -- actually had to water it again! The asparagus is done until next spring, but there are strawberries ripening, blossoms on the peas, even some little tomatoes on the plants! I count time in the garden as writing time too, as I write in my mind while working on weeding, etc, and I've actually sold an article to Backwoods Home Magazine on how I grow garlic. Won't get rich doing that, but it did pay for a month's internet provider service. Now working on another article for them.

On that note, gotta get busy!

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