Friday, June 24, 2011

Storms again!

Rain, thunder, lightning. Wind. More lightning and thunder, more rain. It's really getting strange. All the rain has put the kibosh on my (and everyone else's) strawberries and cherries too. Green Brothers normally has a 7-10 day picking season, but they were done in six hours this year! My plants look great, sending out runners all over the place, but what few berries showed up rotted before they ripened. Same with the two cherry trees -- turned brown and dropped, and the few ripening ones have  big brown spot on them. Too much rain.

The peas are filling out, may pick some early next week! Yum! Still have more peas to plant, and more beans, potatoes, corn, cukes, beets, and squash. The tomatoes are coming along nicely, as are the peppers. I planted several varieties, ranging from mild to temporary insanity. Hoping they do well.

Going to try Tattler reusable canning jar lids this year. I ordered some, and they look good. They're supposed to be good for at least 20 cycles, so if they work well it will cut down considerably on our canning costs. Check for more info and to purchase them.

Still getting good responses on my book! See for more on that.

Hoping it will be dry enough to get out into the garden tomorrow!

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