Friday, July 1, 2011


Dorie got me another Kindle -- thank you, Honey! I promise I won't soak this one in coffee!

Reading several books right now, Laurence Leamer's King of the Night, the Life of Johnny Carson is one, along with a Dean Koontz novel, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Decision Points, and Demonic, by Ann Coulter. I switch between them, depending on the mood. 

Garden is spotty, at best. There are some peas ready to pick, and it's time to plant follow-on crops of beans and potatoes. The tomatoes look good, and the cukes are starting to come on strong. Weather has still been weird, but things are shaping up. Cherries were a bust again -- too much rain at the wrong time, ditto the strawberries. 

The doc wants me to take some time off my job -- says that standing at the register all day is hurting my back and legs. Can't really afford it, but will talk to mgmt about it next week. 

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