Monday, March 29, 2010

The Blind Side

We watched The Blind Side yesterday evening -- Great Movie!!!!!!! I'd recommend it for anyone! Not sure why Quinton Aaron didn't garner any nominations for awards for his portrayal of Michael Oher, but he did a bang-up job as well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Currently, in a (formerly) great country near you

Someone asked me what my thoughts were on the current debacle that is our political system. After some thought, I answered thusly:

Most of the Democrats see it as "Rallying Behind our Great Leader," and are so caught up in the fervor of Political Correctness resulting from electing a black man (ANY black man) that they are blind to what's really going on. BHO is so caught up in himself, and his vision for America that he thinks he is invincible, and can force his agenda (he thinks it's his agenda) on a public that has been apathetic enough to allow it. Have you read any of his books, or looked into the backgrounds of the people he's been surrounded with all his life? I sincerely believe he is merely a tool, created and prepared by the far left -- Soros and his ilk -- who are the ones driving this wagon load of loony toons. It is they who are forcing this "Progressive" agenda onto the stage. They deny the authority of God Himself, insisting that MAN is indeed the captain of his soul. Their agenda takes literally the last stanza of Henley's great lie, "Invictus" --

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

They have no fear of standing before a Holy God at the judgment, thinking that even if they do, they will be able to stand before Him with heads held high, look Him in the eye, and tell Him that He is irrelevant. And they insist they will lead us into the same doom.

The Republicans have enjoyed the "good life" for so long that they've become apathetic as well, and have forgotten any lessons we've (supposedly) learned over the past 200 years or so. They profess to fear the wrath of God, but most of them are too devoid of character to stand for what is right, and they choose to simply "enjoy" the fruits of their (and everyone else's) labor now.

The "far right loons" as they're called may well be the only really sane and serious voices remaining in this country, insofar as they are very vocally crying out Jeremiads against the debauchery we call politics.

They call for return to the principles on which we were founded. They remind us of the reasons our ancestors came here in the first place. They place the awareness of millions of aborted babies into the forefront of our consciences. They demand that our elected representatives not abrogate the rights acknowledged in our founding documents. And they remind us that we are still, indeed, creations of an Almighty and Just God, who has promised to bless us if we will return to Him.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of us have become de-sensitized by the abundance we have become "entitled to," and which we have abused and misused, to the point where we only cry out when stung directly, and move just enough to ease our own discomfort. Well, the whole hornet's nest had to fall on us at some point, and I think it's now.

That the "far-right loons" must resort to spectacular measures to warn us says much against our current condition. But then again, Noah simply built an ark, and no one paid attention to him.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Job Openings?

Did anyone notice that among the promises made in foisting Obamacare on the average hapless American citizen, was the one about creating jobs?

Well, it looks as if he's delivered on that one as well! Written into the bill is a provision for the IRS to enforce it, and to do that, they say they need 15,000 more people to carry the load.





Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Theory on the Current Situation

I have a theory.

Unlike those “Birthers” as they’re known, I believe BHO may have originated here in the US after all, but not by the conventional method.

I think he may have been put together from old, leftover Muppet and Barney parts, (maybe with a bit of Smurf thrown in) and raised in a tank with other misbegotten creations.

He – and they – were connected to brain feeds and pumped full of data specially formulated to shape their thoughts and actions into Politically Correct ones; into anti-American ideologies, specifically designed to bankrupt and destroy any remnants of the Judeo-Christian heritage we have enjoyed heretofore.

He was then picked from his lesser siblings, (if, indeed, that term applies) and turned loose on a society and civilization that has been dumbed down by the same force that created him, a society that is now ready to embrace him, as he carries out his nefarious programming.

His siblings, though not to be deemed his equals, received further (remedial) programming, and emerged from the tanks as left-wing politicians, and as media types – journalists, celebrities, and community organizers bent on elevating BHO regardless of how stupid they appear to anyone who actually has the talent of thinking.

Earlier versions of these creations were turned loose into all levels of our education system, and have been quietly preparing the citizens of this once-great country, blinding us to this, the cabal’s final onslought. They have succeeded in dragging us nearly down to the level of pre-Renaissance Europe, to the point that we were ready to grasp at any straw that promised buoyancy, even though anyone in his right mind would have realized that Kapok (even Kaopectate) would have been eminently preferable.

I fear for the collective sanity, the social well-being, and the moral underpinnings of this great country. I am afraid that very soon we shall approach the point of no return, and shall face a reality much more horrific than the Frumious Bandersnatch that Lewis Carroll wrote about.

We face the claws and jaws of the Jabberwock itself!


Sic transit gloria mundi. Thus perishes the glory of the world. (Thomas A Kempis)
Non teneas aurum totum quod splendet ut auram. Everything that glitters is not gold. (Alain de Lille):

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally Got Going!

I guess I must have shamed myself into it, and got the garden started yesterday. I went out to the shed and liberated some pots and flats, and moved some stuff around. The tiller diesn't look as bad as I feared, so it shouldn't be too much fuss to get it going for another season. This will be its 47th year of stirring up the dirt! It's a 1963 model, that I bought in 1987. I replaced the original engine in 2003, and will replace the (rear) tines again (4th set) before I start tilling this year. It's a good old beast, and I've gotten way more than my money's worth out of it. Even wrote a short story around it. Guess I should dig that out too, and brush it off and see if I can get it published.


While I was out in the garden I grabbed the long-handled spading fork and went looking for parsnips. Sorry, Andria, no luck. But maybe I was in the wrong row. Will try again when things start sprouting -- makes it easier to find them.

So, back in the house, I was able to start some tomatoes (4 kinds), onion seed, 8-packs of sweet peppers (2 varieties), hot peppers (2 varieties) husk cherries, besides some sweet basil that I repotted.

Starting to get the garden bug again -- happens every year about this time!

Maybe this week I can get the tiller going and actually plant a row of peas! oboyoooboy!

Friday, March 12, 2010


March has to be the most difficult month of the year. First it’s warm and sunny, then cold and rainy, and always the threat of more snow on the way.

Go to work, and everyone remarks on what a nice day it is; get a day off, and the weather turns miserable!

Everything begins to pile up until the stack looks insurmountable, and the first thing you know, it’s time to plant the garden, and the seeds are still in the box.

But not this year! Today I’m going to start the onions and tomatoes. Yes, it’s late for the onions, and early for the tomatoes, but I’m thinking it’ll all average out somewhere.

Then there are tomato cages to build, but I can probably let that go for a while – don’t need them quite yet.

And some cleanup still needed from last year’s garden, but I’m not ready to till that spot yet either. And the tiller should be gone over, and the mouse nest cleaned out of the motor housing, but it’s still too cold and wet this morning – that can wait for a sunny day. Ahh – some brush to cut and trim for support for the peas! But I still need to sharpen my brush cutter, and get the tire fixed on the cart.

So, gotta find that bag of potting soil and get the flats ready for the onions and tomatoes, but where is it? Oh yeah – under that pile of stuff I haven’t straightened out in the garden shed yet, because it’s been too cold.


I wonder how much the Garden Center is asking for onion sets and tomato plants this year ...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Young Artists for Haitian Relief

I've posted here before about Anastasia Rizikov, a young lady who I have had the privilege of meeting at two of her piano recitals near where I live. She is an awesome talent, and it is a joy to me to simply have listened to her pour her heart and soul into her music.

Anastasia, with nine other young pianists around the world, recently participated in a special performance on behalf of the children in Haiti.

The performance is at . Please watch it, and participate as you will.