Friday, March 12, 2010


March has to be the most difficult month of the year. First it’s warm and sunny, then cold and rainy, and always the threat of more snow on the way.

Go to work, and everyone remarks on what a nice day it is; get a day off, and the weather turns miserable!

Everything begins to pile up until the stack looks insurmountable, and the first thing you know, it’s time to plant the garden, and the seeds are still in the box.

But not this year! Today I’m going to start the onions and tomatoes. Yes, it’s late for the onions, and early for the tomatoes, but I’m thinking it’ll all average out somewhere.

Then there are tomato cages to build, but I can probably let that go for a while – don’t need them quite yet.

And some cleanup still needed from last year’s garden, but I’m not ready to till that spot yet either. And the tiller should be gone over, and the mouse nest cleaned out of the motor housing, but it’s still too cold and wet this morning – that can wait for a sunny day. Ahh – some brush to cut and trim for support for the peas! But I still need to sharpen my brush cutter, and get the tire fixed on the cart.

So, gotta find that bag of potting soil and get the flats ready for the onions and tomatoes, but where is it? Oh yeah – under that pile of stuff I haven’t straightened out in the garden shed yet, because it’s been too cold.


I wonder how much the Garden Center is asking for onion sets and tomato plants this year ...

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