Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Theory on the Current Situation

I have a theory.

Unlike those “Birthers” as they’re known, I believe BHO may have originated here in the US after all, but not by the conventional method.

I think he may have been put together from old, leftover Muppet and Barney parts, (maybe with a bit of Smurf thrown in) and raised in a tank with other misbegotten creations.

He – and they – were connected to brain feeds and pumped full of data specially formulated to shape their thoughts and actions into Politically Correct ones; into anti-American ideologies, specifically designed to bankrupt and destroy any remnants of the Judeo-Christian heritage we have enjoyed heretofore.

He was then picked from his lesser siblings, (if, indeed, that term applies) and turned loose on a society and civilization that has been dumbed down by the same force that created him, a society that is now ready to embrace him, as he carries out his nefarious programming.

His siblings, though not to be deemed his equals, received further (remedial) programming, and emerged from the tanks as left-wing politicians, and as media types – journalists, celebrities, and community organizers bent on elevating BHO regardless of how stupid they appear to anyone who actually has the talent of thinking.

Earlier versions of these creations were turned loose into all levels of our education system, and have been quietly preparing the citizens of this once-great country, blinding us to this, the cabal’s final onslought. They have succeeded in dragging us nearly down to the level of pre-Renaissance Europe, to the point that we were ready to grasp at any straw that promised buoyancy, even though anyone in his right mind would have realized that Kapok (even Kaopectate) would have been eminently preferable.

I fear for the collective sanity, the social well-being, and the moral underpinnings of this great country. I am afraid that very soon we shall approach the point of no return, and shall face a reality much more horrific than the Frumious Bandersnatch that Lewis Carroll wrote about.

We face the claws and jaws of the Jabberwock itself!


Sic transit gloria mundi. Thus perishes the glory of the world. (Thomas A Kempis)
Non teneas aurum totum quod splendet ut auram. Everything that glitters is not gold. (Alain de Lille):

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