Sunday, May 15, 2011

Guess what -- it's raining!

Shoulda got my garden in last week, but was afraid of the frost. We have a tub of water on the back porch that I've been using to water the plants, and it had ice in it a couple of mornings. I haven't had to bring them in for the past three nights, though, so may be able to set them out into the garden before Christmas. :-)

Forecast now is for rain every day through Friday, with possible flooding in some areas. It doesn't really bother my garden, as this sandy soil drains well, but I would like to get stuff planted soon. The first peas are growing okay, and the end of the week will be just about right for the second planting of those.

The second book is going well, and should be ready to submit to the publisher in a couple of months or so. I'm planning, along with a couple of other local authors, to do a booth at the county fair this summer, and I'd like to include the second Mattie's Place book.

Back to the grindstone ....

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