Monday, October 26, 2009

Please press four

I had heard the flack about a certain bank giving free ATM cards to illegal aliens back a year or so ago, but didn't think much about it until this morning.
I had to call their customer service for a debit card problem, and got the usual phone menus. You know -- "Press One for English" etc etc. All seemed pretty straightforward and common until I got to a sub-menu that rattled off a few more choices, including: "Press Four to send money to Mexico"

I kid you not!

At least the message was in English ...

But then again, If I pressed one for English at the beginning, why ask me later on if I want to send money to Mexico? Besides, I don't even know anyone in Mexico that would be asking me to send them money, so who the heck? There is a retired psychotherapist I went to school with, who moved down there after retirement, but he wouldn't be needing my help. I mean, the exchange rate still favors him, doesn't it? Gee -- I hope whoever it was is okay. Maybe NAFTA would help ...

Oh well, if it was all that critical they would have put it higher up on the menu -- maybe a two or three.

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