Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall chores

Well, I got the garlic planted yesterday afternoon -- 250+ sets, mostly hardneck. May put more in this week, if it stays dry. I do want to put up a few jars of pickled (with hot peppers) garlic, and that takes a lot more.

My fall radishes are coming along nicely, but the broccoli didn't come to the party -- not a sprout! I was never much of a fan for direct seeding broccoli anyway.

I got 24 half-pints of apple butter canned on Saturday, but it's not a thick as I like it -- should have cooked it down another few hours or so. Good flavour though.

Today I need to cut some more firewood. Our stove is 16" wide, and the stack of seasoned red oak is mostly cut to 18-19" so it doesn't fit. No way I'm complaining, though -- the stove was given to me, as was the load of firewood. It really warms the house nicely on these chilly evenings. We do have a larger stove, that my son-in-law is going to refurbish with new gasket, paint, etc. It takes 18-20" wood, and should hold a fire overnight. Also has a flat top, good for a kettle on top to keep the stew hot.

Sun's up, and things are starting to dry off, so I'm outta here!

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