Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tempus fugeddaboudit!

Time does fly! Been cold and snowy, now rainy and windy, with more cold on the way.
Dorie and I celebrated our 44th anniversary on the 10th, and are looking forward to more of same! I love you, honey!

Trying to get the computer situation stabilized. I've been using an old HP (512mb ram) machine since my Compaq bit the dust, and boy is it slow! I could probably live with it, but it gets so cold up here that my fingers turn blue and it's hard to type. So my son-in-law fixed me up with a refurb laptop, with wireless, and I can drive this old HP from downstairs by the fire. Learning lots!

Still working on that NANOWRIMO novel. I became interested in what my main characters were doing -- should say will be doing, as it takes place way in the future -- and decided to keep them doing it. I hope they remember me.

So far I've received several garden catalogs, and am getting ready to send in a seed order any time now. The way the economy is going, I don't want to take any chances on not being able to get what I want. Also stocking up on canning supplies, etc, and non-perishable foods as well. I'd like to invest in some sort of solar/wind/battery power too, because right now we're at the mercy of a Spanish-owned power company, and I'm just paranoid enough to want to get out from under their thumb.

It's late -- g'nite!

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