Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to stay busy

I know, I haven't posted in several weeks. Been busy as a one-armed paperhanger with jock itch, in a roomfull of rocking chairs, dancing on a fire-ant hill. Or something.

Been foolish enough to add NANOWRIMO to my list of things in progress, and am only 6k words into it. If you've never heard of it, NANO... is a yearly challenge to write a 50,000 word novel, tarting on November 1, and ending on November 30. I've been gonna give it a shot for several years now, and finally got talked into it. It's really good exercise. See more at .

Weather's been mild for this time of year. Haven't been out deer hunting yet, maybe this weekend. I write in my head while doing other things, so that shouldn't interfere too much. I try that at work, but customers keep interrupting. :-)

Planted some bargain bin bulbs on Saturday, and saved a bunch of them for forcing real early in the spring. That really breaks up the long dreary winter, and I like doing it, especially with daffodils. After they blossom and die back, they can be replanted outside, and will come up again next spring. I also do some Paper Whites -- a variety of Narcissus. They won't come up again, but their beautiful scent makes it worth it anyway.

Back to nano!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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