Monday, June 28, 2010

Doom, Despair, and Agony on me

Deep, dark depression, excessive misery ...

It's not to that point yet, but it could get there if I keep thinking about the news.

Someone asked what I thought of the following article re the oil spill.

All hyperbole aside, there may be something to it.

Can you say “Revelation 8:8?”

Anyway, my friend was wondering about the immense pressure at the ocean floor, over a mile down. Why does it not simply smother the well?

Right off the top of my head, remember the pressure is relative, so it’s the differential that matters. Think “bends,” and the need for divers to come up slowly from great depths in order to equalize pressure.

The pressure at the bottom is the same on everything down there. Add a unit of pressure to one side of the equation (the stuff coming out of that well) and it’s higher than the pressure of the water trying to hold it down.

I’ve read about the “volcano theory” before, and it is indeed scary. Who knows how interconnected everything down there is?

No, I'm not thinking "Journey to the Center of the Earth;" any prehistoric beasties are emerging as tar balls. But they're leaving a rather large gap down there in all that heat, that has to be filled with something. Like, maybe, Florida? I can see the price of orange juice going up a lot.

A couple of simple illustrations that happened not far from where I live:

A friend from church said one day that he had to save up for a new well, as their well had collapsed on itself, and they had no water. The water table is high right around here, and there’s no natural reason a well should suddenly do that.

I remembered that I had been by his place a couple of times shortly before that, and they were rebuilding the road (Route 79). Both times I had to wait for trucks to unload gravel fill in spots where the road bed had settled. They had huge tamper machines compacting the fill as they dumped and spread it and you could feel it for hundreds of yards in every direction. I told him to file a complaint with the DOT, and sure enough, they traced his well failure to the hydraulic pressure traveling through the ground with sufficient force to collapse the well. They paid to replace his and several neighbors’ wells.

Another incident happened north of Syracuse, back in the 60s, where they were filling sinkholes in the building of I81. After days of dumping and compacting, they were interrupted by a farmer who drove over to complain that he now had a new mound in his hay field. The pressure had followed a fault line to a weak spot, and created a bulge.

I’m wondering if our recent earthquake just outside of Toronto, and felt in this part of NY State, might even be a fore-runner of things to come as a result of pressure changes caused by this blown well.

Do you think it's time to start circling the wagons yet?

I know I’m not investing in Florida real estate real soon ... maybe California orange juice?

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