Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arizona law

Someone just sent me the MSNBC poll asking the question "Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration?"


When you stop to think of it, what’s the first thing they ask you – a natural-born American citizen – for, when you go to the doctor’s office? Your ID!

Likewise when you cash a check, get stopped for speeding, (or even jay-walking) open a bank account, buy insurance, take out a loan, or mortgage, get a library card, buy beer (at least in NY State), buy a plane ticket, walk into the courthouse!!!, visit an inmate, etc etc etc, you're required to show your id. And that’s for CITIZENS! So what’s their beef?

I answered as above, then went to look at the poll, and found that 95.7% of responders ON AN MSNBC POLL are supportive of Arizona's law!

95.7% !!!!

Yet bho (ptooie!) is determined to file suit against the state of Arizona and its governer Jan Brewer, to put a stop to the law.

It's about time he understands that it's "WE THE PEOPLE" -- not "ME THE PRES"

If you're interested, the poll is at



  1. Just our of curiosity - how did the polls about the new health care rate?

    Did the majority want it to change?


  2. The last time I checked it, more were against than in favor of the new health care. That, along with immigration issues and the oil spill, generated my comment about "We the people" vs "Me, the pres."