Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's starting to come along now; the rain has helped immensely! But it's been slow getting the rest of it planted. Of course, I'll plant some of it at intervals over the next couple of months, for a sustained harvest. I've got to replant a bunch of peas, as the rabbits have about demolished the first planting. There are some peas to pick soon, but nowhere near what there ought to be. Also have some hot peppers already, as well as some green peppers. The cukes and squash are growing nicely, and that first rain made the asparagus almost jump out of the ground! Won't be able to pick any of that for a couple of years, though.
We're seeing lots of beets and Swiss chard, onions, carrots, and the tomatoes and beans look to be right on schedule. Still have lots of time for potatoes, winter squash, and more of most everything else.
I've got most of the materials for a 3-bin compost pile, and am building some moveable fence panels to keep the critters out of my beans and peas.
On the "bummer" side, the birds and bugs got most of the cherries off my new sweet cherry tree. This would have been the first harvest, but it didn't turn out.
Will post morepix later.


  1. Your garden is just gorgeous. I want one just like it.


  2. Thanks! I'll put up a couple more pix shortly. We've been picking peas, onions, and squash so far.