Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To plant or not to plant

Lots of work to do in the garden! Removed most of the posts and fencing -- it's easier to till that way, and gotta rotate the beds anyway. I've been tilling every few days to try to kill off the weeds as they sprout, and watching for volunteer potatoes so I can dig them out before they can get a start. Garden co-op says that is best way to avoid a repeat of the blight that destroyed the tomato and most of the potato crop last season.

My asparagus roots arrived from Miller Nursery -- 25 Purple, and 25 Super Male -- so I've gotta make the final decision where I want the bed to be, and get the trenches dug for them. We do love fresh home-grown asparagus, and the bed I planted some years ago is starting to peter out.

Will have to buy pepper plants now, as the seed I started was mostly no-show. Sometimes happens, especially with peppers. At least with the peppers I start! :-)

We're out of home-canned beets now, so I've gotta get some out of the garden this year. That's one crop I've had to worst luck with. Maybe better this year.

Cari Grace is planning her garden plot, and will probably plant a 3-sisters garden again, plus a few other goodies. If you've never done one, there are good instructions here Just be sure to explain the history behind them to your kids -- Cari loved it, and can still tell you the story behind it.

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