Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rose Bush

Finally moved the yellow rose bush from beside Bev and Aaron's home to its new home in the corner fence in our side yard. Could almost hear the poor thing crying "Not again!" It does have a history:

My Grandma moved from Sydney, NY to Bainbridge, NY when my dad was two or three, (1919 or 1920) and took this climbing yellow rose with her. It had been growing for years at the home where she lived. Then when they moved to Binghamton they moved it again -- around 1938. It got moved a couple more times in the early 40s, just after I was born, and in 1947 it got moved to our home on Bunn Hill, between Vestal and Binghamton.
In 1959 we dug it up again, and moved it into Vestal, where it stayed for a couple of years, until Mother and Dad bought this house in Lisle, NY. Dad put it next to the barn in 1961 or 62, where half of it still grows, and then moved half of it up the road when we bought this place, and they put a mobile home on a foundation just on the other side of the barn.
Bev and Aaron bought the mobile home a few years ago, and now they want to build an addition right where the rose bush grew.
So today I moved it, and I'm hoping that it will survive yet again.
It's a beautiful old-fashioned single yellow rose, with the nicest fragrance, and I want to keep it.
After all, it has to be over 100 years old by now.


  1. After reading how dedicated you are to one rose bush, I'm ashamed to admit I had three plants given to me a year ago, and just got around to planting them. They had begun looking pitiful in their tiny pots. This is rose growing country, so maybe they will survive now that they have a chance to set some roots.

    BTW, Howard, if you are interested in joining another tiny writer's forum, give this one a look. It's small, but the people are nice and I know they would enjoy your participation.

  2. Sorry, Gary, I didn't see your comment until just now. I'll take a look at that group -- thanks!