Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miep Gies

A beautiful human being passed away in January, at age 100, and I just learned of it. Her name was Miep Gies, and I imagine it is unfamiliar to many, if not most of the people who have been touched by her life.

And that is a crying shame.

Miep Gies was the woman who hid and protected Anne Frank and her family, at the dire peril of losing her own life for it. She is the one who recovered Anne's diary, and gave it to Anne's father, Otto, after the war. Without her we would never have known Anne's story, yet she considered what she did for them to be nothing worthy of note; she was only doing what one human being should do for another.

The NY TImes did run an article about her -- you can read it at
NY TImes Gies Article
It is a good reminder of an era and an atrocity that many -- including some our own current administration seem to be determined to downplay.

Please read the article, and also do a Google search on her name. She deserves to be remembered forever, for what she did.


  1. It looks like Wikipedia does have an article on her...

  2. Thanks for the pointer, Lar! I appreciate it.