Saturday, January 30, 2010

I think I may have stumbled onto something!

Did Algore watch a lot of movies back in the 60s?

Remember the old “Flint” movies, starring James Coburn and Lee J Cobb? I saw that one of the movie channels was rerunning them, so I tivo’d them and watched “Our Man Flint” this evening.

I never realized how prophetic they were!

The plot – such as it is – is about a bunch of bad guys who invent a way to create natural disasters. A few of these are shown to set the tone, accompanied by a narrator, who ominously anounces: “He who controls the weather controls the world.”

They then proceed to discover that certain area of the planet have warmed by a few degrees, threatening every coastal city with drowning. Pictures of melting glaciers – looking strangely like the ones we’ve seen recently on PBS and the Weather Channel – are broadcast around the world. Panic ensues, and all manner of experts are called on to assess the situation.

They call on Flint, who single-handedly invades the evil island headquarters of the bad guys, which, by the way, is filled with mindless automatons, but he is knocked down by an eagle, and captured. He asks “What’s with the bird?” and is told “That’s a neat touch – an American Eagle trained to attack only Americans!”

He then proceeds to escape, wreck the island, and save his five beautiful assistants, who have been kidnapped by the bad guys. They escape, by the way, by going over the falls in barrels, much like the Dwarves in the Hobbit. (neat Tolkien touch there)

Given the current geo-political situation, I’m wondering if the Grand Poobah of the Algorians might have developed the theory of global warming after watching this, way back in 1966, while waiting to invent the internet.

That might explain a lot of things ... except the dwarves ...



  1. So you think VP Gore has a severe case of Flintonian envy? I actually find Our Man Flint's stories to have more believability than Gore's, and at least his include pretty women.

  2. Hi, I remember that movie...found your blog by clicking on Southern Gospel in your profile. Enjoyed the read. A blessed Sabbath to you.