Saturday, January 2, 2010

all gone?

Well, Christmas has been packed up and put away for another year. At least the Christmas trappings are -- the Spirit of Christmas should be a year-round thing. Too bad for many folks it's not. I saw an idiot cut into the line at the landfill this morning, dump ALL his garbage into the recycle bins, and duck out again. Too good to wait in line and pay the toll like the rest of us.

I see the Sierra Club is holding up environmental remedies for environmental reasons ... again? Now an endangered tortise is holding up a solar energy project that would power 142,000 homes, using solely renewable resources. What is the turtle going to do with all that land when we're all broiled -- or frozen, depending on your point of view -- off the planet?


And our wannabe prez's cabinet picks are showing their brilliance again -- NOT! Janet, go back to Arizona, find a rock, and crawl under it! Watch out for the turtles, though.


Is this the 2010 we've all been waiting for?



  1. What happened to that Christmas Spirit that was supposed to last all year?

    Seems it flew the coop at paragraph 2.

    Here's hoping you appreciate the humour.

  2. Maybe the (idiot) didn't have the money to pay the toll. Maybe someone should just thank him/her for not just dumping the garbage any ol place like many others do, leaving it for someone else to clean up.

  3. I guess that did sound a bit un-Christmassy, didn't it ...
    I guess the flash and shine from the (idiot's) brand-new $30K crew cab truck, complete with 5th wheel hitch, diverted my attention from the fact that he obviously didn't have the $4.00 to dump his garbage like the rest of us.