Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a week!

Lots of fodder for writing this week!

Our main water heater pooped out, leaking all over the cellar floor. No harm to the floor, but it's a $750+ water heater -- not including installation. I can install it myself, but that first part is what's stopping the show right now. May switch to a tankless water heater, been reading up on those.

Then we discovered the right upper ball joint on my Ranger pickup needs replacing. Another $200. But it gets better. While we had it up on the lift, the mechanic (a good friend of mine) pointed out the fact that the frame is rotting away, and probably won't make it another year. O joy!

Then the next night a tire went flat on our van, and we ended up buying a new set of tires for the front.

Then my wife had to have an MRI to determine whether or not the brain tumor she had removed two years ago is returning. Won't find that out for a week or so.

And it's turned cold!

Meanwhile, we gotta keep on trucking! We started cooking down 1/2 bushel of grapes on Tuesday, and when I got home Wednesday my wife had 72 half-pint jars of grape jelly cooling on the table! Applesauce and apple butter next!


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