Saturday, September 19, 2009

Taters and Cabbage and Beets, Oh My!

Today we drove out to the place where we've been getting our potatoes for the past several years, to get some freshly dug red potatoes and some Yukon Golds. The gentleman was having some trouble with the digger, but finally got it running, and we ended up with a bushel of red, 3&3/4 bushels of Yukon Gold, and a half bushel of beets. The taters looked fine, but it was a struggle finding enough decent-sized beets to fill a half-bushel. We didn't get any cabbage -- I only put it up there to make the title work. :-)

We'll use most of them, give some away, and still have some to plant in the garden for fresh new potatoes and green beans in early summer. Yum! Already planning next year's garden, and will start planting garlic within the next month or so. Will probably plant 400 sets this fall. We like it roasted, pickled, and in lots of dishes.

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  1. As a certified potato addict, I wish we could grow them here, but soil and weather conditions aren't spud-friendly. I grow a few every year, but they don't get very big and are scabby. I have to be content with growing hot weather crops.