Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Super Stacy!

That is what her friends call this charming 11-year-old, for whom the word "prodigy" was apparently coined. I met Anastasia Rizikov about 18 months ago at a concert in Binghamton, NY, and she captivated me with her smile, her charm, and her amazing talent. I was able to chat with her only for a few moments, but it felt like I was chatting with one of my own granddaughters!

And now I've just learned that she is again scheduled for a concert here, and I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing her again.

If you appreciate great talent and great music, by all means check her website: and especially the Videos page.

And if you're anywhere near Binghamton this November, do come to see her in person -- it's an unforgettable experience!

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  1. Howard,
    Just noticed the link to your blog and had to come over to say hello.
    Great blog, I love Dilbert. All the best friend and stay healthy.