Wednesday, July 22, 2009

on health care and stimulus

Rush Limbaugh posed a reasonable question this morning. At least I thought it sounded reasonable.

At this point you might tune to another channel just because I mentioned the source of the question, but I think that to suppress an idea merely because of its source would be intellectually dishonest, and I’d hate to think that anyone reading my blog would do so with an intellectually dishonest mindset.

Anyway, he referred to the vast amounts spent on “stimulous,” which we’re hearing – even from the Democrats – has done little to stimulate anything besides the salivary glands of porkiticians and lobbyists. He then cites the numbers of uninsured (~ 45M people) used by the administration to justify the health care panic they’ve raised. Then he calculates the total cost of providing each of those folks with a private health care policy for one year to be somewhere between $29M and $100M.

He then poses his question: “Why, if the health care issue is the most important legislation before us this year, did [BHO] spend billions on bailouts of financial institutions (in the guise of economic stimulus) and on pork barrel projects such as the John Murtha Airport, (and why don't we know where it all was spent) instead of spending a small percentage of the total stimulus package to directly aid those suffering the most from this crisis?

My own question/suggestion : Perhaps he did so because he’s not as concerned with the plight of the uninsured as he is with his real agenda -- the destruction of the hated (capitalist) insurance industry?

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