Sunday, July 26, 2009


That was interesting! We have operable roof windows in our house, with one in the room where my computer desk is located. It's on the west side of the house, and catches the prevailing wind.
I had the window open about eight inches, and the breeze was comfortable. Then the storm hit!
We were in the front yard when it started to rain and blow, with some amazing displays of lightning and thunder. By the time I got upstairs the hail was coming in throgh that window, reaching clear across the room ind into the hallway beyond. There was 1/4 inch of water on the plastic pad under my chair, and the chair was (is still) soaked. The beds in the room were soaked, and the carpet as well, in the minute it took me to get up here and close the window.
We've had some downpours here, but that was one of the worst I've seen in quite some time.

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