Saturday, February 5, 2011

writing, writing, writing

Well, my Mattie's Place ms has been sent to the publisher, and I've been working on the cover art. Learning a lot about the art of creating and selling a book! I didn't realize just how much is involved in getting one out to the market place, and I'm thinking that the writing part was the easiest! 

But we're on track, I guess, and it'll be interesting to see how well it does.

I've also been working on a couple of new stories, as my three youngest granddaughters have been after me to write each of them a book with them as the central character. Got one done so far, and one pretty well along the way. The third granddaughter, Joy, is here now for a few days, so I imagine we'll get around to working on that one too. Then to get them out to the publisher to see if they pass muster.  This could be addictive! 

On another note, it's raining and freezing here  -- has been all day -- and the roads are atrocious! We need to get down to our church to do the bulletins for tomorrow morning, but I don't know if we'll make it or not. If not, we'll have to do it in the morning. We get there early in any case, so that's not much of a problem, but it'll be more to do.

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