Saturday, February 12, 2011

All sorts of stuff

It's almost quiet here! Two of our grandkids stayed with us this past week, and now they've gone home. Cari is here, playing with Sam (our Golden Retriever) and watching Blue's Clues.

It's been cooooooold! Temp got down to -15 earlier this week, and is now back up to 33, but the wind chill is lots lower than that. Still looking for Spring!

I've got some of my garden seeds in hand -- still have to get more beets and cabbage, and a few other items. I've had a garden for so long now, that I simply can't believe how the enclosed video clip can happen! Talk about fascism! I think there's be bruises if anyone tried that in my neighborhood!

Waiting for a proof copy of Mattie's Place from the publisher. It's getting close!

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