Sunday, April 18, 2010


We finally cooked up the 20 lbs of chicken leg quarters that were in the freezer, and I canned them this afternoon in the pressure canner. Got 11 pints of chicken meat, and 9 pints of stock for soups, etc. It stores well in the cellar, with no worries about power failure, freezer quitting, and all those kinds of things.
A word to the wise -- if you want to do any canning this season it would be wise to stock up now on jars, lids, etc. Looks like lots of folks are going to try doing it this year, and supplies may get scarce just about time to put up the tomatoes.
Trying to get a line on where to buy the Tattler reusable jsr lids. BackWoodsHome Magazine had an article on them, and they look like the way to go. WIll post more info here as I find it.

It was snowing this morning here in Lisle, NY. Not sticking, but definitely snowing! We've got the fire going now.

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