Sunday, April 4, 2010

Under Way

I got out to the garden yesterday, and fired up the tiller. Only took one pull! Then I got a whole lotta tillin' done! :-)

It was still early when I finished tilling, so I planted two rows of Early Frosty peas, and two rows of Little Marvel peas. More coming later. Now to put up some support fencing.

I'm under no illusions that we'll harvest lots of peas from this planting, because my grandkids love them! When they arrive at the house (later on in the summer) they say Hi, and immediately head out for the garden, and begin munching on fresh green peas! I don't mind a bit -- it's better than watching them chow down on candy bars! I just want to harvest enough to freeze for later.

Peas are about the only thing I freeze any more. I've become leery of the power company here. NYSEG is owned by a Spanish company, and I'm not comfortable that they even care about their upstate customers. So I'm not making any bets on the power staying on 100% of the time. So, we can most everything, using a pressure canner for low-acid foods. Let the power go off -- I'll go down into our nice cool cellar, and retrieve a home-canned jar of chicken soup, or some beets, corn, etc.

But canned peas can be downright nasty!

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