Monday, December 28, 2009


How many seed catalogs have you received so far? Getting anxious yet?
Isent my first order in to Fedco Seeds, they've already cleared the check, and I expect to see the package in the mail soon!
I got all the usual things -- tomatoes, onions, cukes, squash, several varieties of peppers, plus a couple of different things -- husk tomatoes, ground cherries, and some new types of lettuce and greens. Still need to order celery and squash, sunflowers, etc etc etc -- oh yes, and etc!

Jackie Clay ( ) praises her "wall-o-water" plant protectors for allowing her to set her tomato plants out earlier than would normally be possible in her Minnesota garden, so I thought I'd try them this year. But I can't really afford them at $3 apiece, so I'm going to improvose with a circle of 2 liter water-filled soda bottles around each plant. They'll absorb heat during the day, and keep the plants warmer at night. They're supposed to protect them down to 15-20 degrees -- we'll see. But I'm only going to try a half dozen or so at first, and see how they do. Maybe more next year.

That's the best thing about gardening -- there's always Next Year!


  1. Are you going to paint the bottles black?? They will take on more heat that way.

  2. No, I don't think so. I don't think the heat gain is all that significant to bother with it.
    But then again, maybe I'll do some in black just to test it out.