Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On Aging

Been Busy!
Here's a poem that I just got published in the paper, in honor of my 50th highschool class reunion:

On Aging
(c) 2008, 2009 Howard Tuckey

I used to have a six-pack, now it's morphed into a keg.
I got a sag in my Depends, they’re sliding down my leg
It seems my fav'rite word is Huh? -- my hearing went kaput,
And limping is my normal gait, with bunions on each foot.

I’m dropping stuff more often now, arthritis in my hands,
It does no good to watch it fall; can’t bend to where it lands.
My PT makes my muscles hurt, a not too pleasant burn,
My knees they creak, my hips they groan, with every twist and turn.

But even with the aches and pains I still have lots of fun.
That is, I think I do, sometimes -- my memory is gone.
If memory still serves at all, it usually works too late
I think of things from childhood, can’t remember today’s date

I set things to remind me, then I can't recall just where;
I once misplaced my wife, and left her grouchy as a bear.
The TV shut my cable off, forgot to pay the bill,
And half the time I can’t remember if I took that pill.

Folks chuckle some behind my back, I often see them smile,
But I'm not really bothered; I make new friends all the while!
So all in all it ain’t so bad, no matter all the jokes,
But just this once please humor me, just who are all you folks?


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