Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Katydids

We just cleaned out my mother's things -- she passed away over a year ago. Among her papers I found a poem I had written as a Mothers Day present, when I was in 4th grade. As I have nothing else to offer on this rainy Sunday night, I'll post it here. I wish I could write as well now! :-)

The Katydids
by Jimmy Tuckey, 4th grade (my middle name)

Sometimes I keep
From going to sleep
To hear the katydids “cheep-cheep!”
And think they say
Their prayers that way;
But katydids don’t have to pray!

I listen when
They cheep again;
And so I think they’re singing then!
But no, I’m wrong,
The sound’s too long
And all alike to be a song!

(To my mother on Mother’s Day)

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