Sunday, September 25, 2016

Catching up part 1

Ooookaaay! Looks like I can still post, so why not? Don't like it? Don't read it! :-)
So how to catch up?

I won't bore you with health stuff - let it suffice to say that my wife and I have both had to make some "adjustments" to our lifestyle. Both of us are retired now, and this year we celebrate our 50th anniversary. I'm blessed!

In that regard, you might find something here or there about our family - our four daughters and sons-in-law, our nine grandkids, and now our two GREAT-grandkids!

Yes, blessed!


I see I started a book list way back there. Hmmm - how many books have I read since 2012? Wow!
There are over 700 books on my Kindle alone! Now, I haven't read them all, but I have read way more than half of them. Many of them are free copies of old classics, that I peruse from time to time.
So that's one area that needs work


Three of the books on my Kindle are ones I wrote myself - Mattie's Place, Mattie's Town, and Annie Down The Street. The first two are collections of short stories that I like to describe as "Alice's Restaurant on Prozac." A few have actually described them as sort of "Lake Woebegone-ish." I find that extremely flattering, and I'll try to reach that level of quality. The third is a varied collection, containing mild horror, science fiction, and dark humor. Might even be a poem in there. I haven't read through it for a while.

All of them are available for Kindle, at


Still doing the garden thing, but I've cut down from the 8000 square foot plot to a few raised beds closer to the house. I don't walk so well any more, so that's one of the "adjustments." I also built a greenhouse right next to the beds, and am enjoying it. One of the topics I enjoy talking and writing about is gardening, so I'll be doing some of that.


Yep, gardening, and cooking, and writing, and, well, whatever tickles my fancy at any given time. Except politics. We'll try to stay away from election politics. I do talk about it a lot, and have some strong opinions on the subject, but not here.
I hope.


So, welcome - or, welcome back! We'll see how it goes.

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