Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30?

Can you believe this weather? Here it is the last day of November, and the day before yesterday I was out on the back deck with a cup of coffee, reading a book! Amazing!
Cold weather is coming soon, though, time to snuggle in for the winter, I think.

Just canned another batch of Dorie's veggie-beef soup, and we're looking at doing up another batch of applesauce, while they still have apples at a decent price at the orchard. We've got some granddaughters who can't get enough of that stuff! And I should have made a double batch of apple butter as well!

The garden is resting for the winter, but there's activity going on underneath. The garlic is in, and I'm doing next year's garden on paper -- lots of heirloom tomatoes, more parsnips, and I'll be trying some of the vertical gardening techniques I've been learning about.

Didn't get the tunnel greenhouse built this year, but it's still on the burner for next year. Of course, if the snow holds off I just might still be able to get it put up this year.

Finally got my shop cleared out so that I can work in it again. I'm hoping that one of the Edenpure heaters will keep it warm enough, as I don't like using the kerosene heater in a space that small.

Still working on the next two books, and planning to send them all to the various Ebook venues, like Kindle, Nook, Sony reader, etc. Maybe soon!


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