Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stormy Weather

Sitting here waiting for Irene to arrive, but feeling her presence already. She's reaching out and touching the arthritis. Hoping it feels better once she's passed.

We had a bit of a flap a week ago. Dorie went downstairs at around 3AM, and came running back up and woke me up, saying that the kitchen was flooded. The hot water line under the sink had come apart, and we had about two inches of water on the floor. It ran into the adjacent sewing room as well, and soaked the carpet there.
It ruined the carpet, all the base cabinets in the kitchen, and the linoleum has to be replaced as well. It's not quite all dry yet, and we're waiting to receive the estimate from the insurance adjuster on it.

Life is interesting!

Remember Hurricane Hazel? I do, way back in 1954. I wrote a poem about her a few years ago, and just posted it in her honor on the "Etcetera Page" of my website,


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