Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It never ends!

Got the garden just about put away, only need to till a couple hundred square feet now, and will be planting the garlic soon. It was a good year! The pantry is pretty well stocked, and we're pleased with the results.

I didn't get the shed moved, or the greenhouse started, or the grape arbor put up yet, but there's still time. First, though, gotta re-roof the 200 square feet over our living room. That's just under 5 rolls of half-lap, and a bucket of roof cement. No tear-off this time, so I should be done in a day or so, even less if I have some help with it. Then there's one back porch to close in for winter, and I'd like to put a roof over the other one. All in good time.

Meanwhile, we had a funeral last week, and two more later this week -- too many good friends leaving us. One, a close neighbor, died this morning of cardiac arrest, while doing her job as an emergency responder, treating and transporting a patient. She was our town fire department emergency services chief, and a 19-year emt. She'll be sorely missed.


  1. You sure sound like a very handy man to have around.


  2. Dunno about handy -- I tried to carry a roll of roofing up the ladder to my roof. Used to could do that, but now I can't even get it up onto my shoulder. The guys from church are going to come and do the job for me. Guess I'm a lot older than I used to be. COme to think of it -- I'm older now than I ever was!