Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lots happening!

It's harvest time, and we're putting food by, as Gramma used to say. Dorie and I both get involved in it, but she does a lot more than I do. She won't do the pressure canning, though, since she saw my mom scald herself badly, using a old pressure cooker. Doesn't matter that she was not using it correctly, taking unsafe shortcuts, she got burned, and Dorie wants nothing to do with the things now.
So I do the low-acid stuff, like beets and other low acid veggies, as well as pork, chicken, and other meats and stocks.
We had gotten low on tomatoes and sauce, so we concentrated on those this past week or so. Here's a picture of our cellar pantry:

and another

We use the milk crates as well, and there are 27 more quarts of tomatoes stacked to the right of the shelves. We did beets, pickles, sauce, chili sauce (hot and regular), meat sauce with zucchini, etc etc. Still have to do around 2 bushels of apples -- maybe three -- into applesauce, and I just picked another half-bushel of Roma tomatoes, and may make another batch of sauce for pizza, and maybe some salsa.
Sure, it's a lot of work, but it's good eats!


  1. Yum (well except for the beets)

  2. That's okay -- more for me! :-)
    Beets are great! Pickled, roasted, Harvard, hot, cold, any way at all -- never had one I didn't like, except for store bought canned ones.