Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy Day!

Been a busy day so far!

Stopped at the barber shop first thing, and now feel cooler again!

Then the truck started overheating, was low on coolant. Looks like maybe a small leak in the water pump. Added some cooland, ant it seems okay now. Came back in out of the heat.

Added a 1gb memory stick to this desk-top computer and didn't notice a whole lot of improvement in speed, but it's running, so I must have done it right.

The old Troy-bilt tiller (1963 model) stripped the engine mount bolts last week, and I just now got it back together and working again. They must have been loosening themselves for quite a while, and I just missed it. Gotta pay more attention. Anyway, I was able to replace three of them, but had to re-tap the fourth hole and go to a bigger bolt. The originals were 5/16, and the next size (available) SAE bolt was 7/16, so I opted for the in-between 8MM metric. Seems to work okay, and I put the red loc-tite stuff on them so they'll not back out again. I don't anticipate ever having to change out the engine again.

Came back in and submitted an article on writing, to a magazine -- $75 if they accept it.

Back out and tilled up a space to plant the fall broccoli and kale, maybe even some more beans and peas. Tiller's working fine!

Dug up the garlic, and laid it out to cure. Got some nice heads! Then cut some Swiss chard for lunch -- YUM! Saute a little fresh garlic (crushed) in some olive oil, drop in the washed chard, and add a splash of balsamic vinegar. Cover, and let it steam, tossing once or twice to coat it all. Double Yum!
The only downer was the call from the interviewer I talked to last week, saying that they'd hired one of the other applicants, who had "more computer background and skills than I do." Not sure what that means, since I've been extremely active in the computer field -- teaching, supporting, repairing, building, using -- for over 40 years.

Oh well -- into every life ... speaking of which, I'd better get back out and finish up in the garden, as we're supposed to get some T-shower activity this afternoon, and the tiller still sits out there.

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