Monday, July 19, 2010

Learning Curve

Ahh yes -- there is indeed a learning curve associated with Windows 7. Also with MS Outlook, and a few other new bells and whissers on this beastie. But I'm learning!

Along with the new stuff on the machine, we've been busy with canning -- picked two rows of green beans this morning, and we (Dorie, mostly) have 18 pints of them in the canners right now. Should taste good come winter time! On Saturday, she put up two dozen+ pints of pickles -- zucchini pickles, dills, and a few jars of habanero dills as well.

Looked out in the garden the other day and saw this:

then a few evenings ago, this guy was lying in our back yard:

They don't seem to be nipping any more of our produce, and they're fun to watch!

More pix of the garden soon.

BTW -- that brown and white one is called a "piebald" deer. This one is a little deformed -- some are moreso -- due to the genetic aberrations that caused the cool color scheme. It seems to be healthy enough, though, and was out back dancing about the other evening while Dorie was bringing in the laundry off the back line.

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